Welcome to La Iguana

The Home Of HEAVY Metal in Alicante

"Music to make your ears bleed!" - 'Bob Hope' - Google Maps

Part of the famous Ruta de la Madera in Alicante, you'll find a little bar called La Iguana, and we're confident that for better or worse it'll quickly become your second home! Whether you're looking to rock out or just come and shoot a few rounds of pool or darts and soak up the atmosphere, we're waiting to meet you.

We've got a crazy selection of drinks, including ciders, some of the wildest shots you'll ever try and much, much more (check out our menu here). As for the music? Well, if you're into real metal, then this is the place for you. Sure, you'll also hear all of your rock and metal favourites, but we also pride ourselves on playing the latest and greatest tunes that the other bars are simply too scared to play, and you can enjoy it all on our big screen! We also take requests, but there's only one rule ... no Reggaeton!

And what's more, we've even got events such as Rock 'n' Metal Karaoke on Thursdays and our famous Language Exchange on Wednesdays (check our events page for more info)

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to the hottest metal sanctuary in town, where playing the heavy tunes and deep cuts is not just a special occasion, it's a way of life!

Opening Hours

  • Thursday: 7pm - 12.30am
  • Friday: 6pm - 1.30am
  • Saturday: 6pm - 1.30am